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Minecraft Middle Earth

by Iru at 4:56 PM
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29th August 2014
10 pm GMT+1


The awards ceremony is a momentous occasion which culminates recognition of the community's most astounding individuals. Over one night people within the MCME Community join together in one venue displaying spectacular visuals and acoustics.

This year marks the significance of the Two Trees Summer Event; an occasion which is influenced and compared to that of the Olympic Games. The theming of the Summer Event as the Two Trees draws its symbolism from the Mallorn Tree in Bagend and the White Tree of Gondor. The combination of these two icons...​
by Fireinferno13 at 7:37 PM
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Opening Statement

How have you been enjoying the MCME Two Trees Summer Event? Lucky for you there are still tons of new things to do in the last few weeks here so be sure to check out the information thread HERE for all of the fun and games that will be taking place soon. There are also a bunch of project updates to be given this week as some awesome progress was made that you all should be informed of! So other then that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the MCME Summer Times.

The Two Trees Summer Event
Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week has the theme of Your Country, be sure to model yourself in either...
by Fireinferno13 at 7:05 PM
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Opening Statement

The MCME Summer Two Trees Event is still going strong! Make sure to post below what events you have been to and which you enjoyed the most so far. If you want more information on the event, be sure to click HERE for all of the fun and games that will be taking place this week and for the rest of this month. Other then that, get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy another edition of the MCME Summer Times

The Two Trees Summer Event
Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week has the theme of Favorite Super Hero, be sure to model yourself after that super hero (or villain really) that inspires you...
by SugarKoala at 5:22 PM
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~MCME Award Ceremony~
August 29th 22:00 BST (GMT +1)

It’s almost time to suit up and get snazzy with it. Honey, where is my super suit?
Whether you’re too loud on teamspeak, technologically inadept or most likely to get offended, you too have a chance of winning a SuperFish Award.

A night filled with a lack of honour and grace, we present members of the community these prestigious awards based on nominations and voting from the masses. (That’s you)

So starting today nominations for these awards are open until the 18th when these will then get narrowed down to the top 4 and voting will commence. So be sure that everyone nominates your favourite couple or they might not make the cut!

Do you like the nostalgic form theme?

If you wish to make several nominations for one category please fill in a new form to do so. Also I...​
by JordD04 at 10:36 PM
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Running 24/7

Allo Ladies and Gent!
It's finally here! The PVP server!

Firstly a few simple rules:
Everything in the MCME TOS and Rules
The rules for The Walls - Siege are on the wall in the spawn room
For Connect 4 only press one button per turn
For Spleef if you are the last person on a level, you must jump down.

Anyone found to be purposely breaking or ignoring the rules will be dealt with appropriately by the Moderators.

Server ip: pvpgame.mcmiddleearth.com

Basic game mechanics:
To jump between worlds type /jump [name of world], from here you will need a Moderator to active team selecting and start the game.
Some people appear to be spawning in the Connect4 world, if this happens just do /jump PVPSpawn.

The worlds are:

by SugarKoala at 12:57 AM
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~Droog Races~
4th, 11th, 18th, 25th August 20:00 BST

Sorry for the delay! Today marks the first droog race of the summer. With this, we are going to be racing from bag end, across the shire and all the way to the gate of Bree. (Woo!)

So this how its going to work. In groups of 10 (maybe smaller) races will be run in heats, with the winners from each heat competing in a final heat to give a winner for each round.

On Round 5, we will be having a surprise round for the winners of each date. to decide an overall winner. This winner will be receiving an award at the award ceremony.

There’s an awful lot of dates and times (All of which are listed in BST (GMT +1) in August) so almost everyone can take part! This allows some of the Aussies to take part, and allow them to compete as well. #Represent​
  • Round 1: Bagend to Bree
    • 4th 18:00​
    • 6th 13:00​
    • 9th 04:00​
by Fireinferno13 at 1:36 AM
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Opening Statement

The MCME Two Trees Summer Event has finally started! If you really want to get the scoop on what is being held when, be sure to check out the thread HERE that lays out everything that is planned for the next month of fun and games. Therefore this week's issue of the MCME Summer Times will seek to give you a summary of all the events happening this week along with a little description in my own words to hopefully spark your interest. Otherwise sit back and relax to another edition of the MCME Times.

The Two Trees Summer Event
Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week has the theme of Animals so...
by SugarKoala at 12:28 AM
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MCME presents
The Two Trees Summer Event 2014

This is the post you’ve all been waiting for! So I’m proud to show you a beautiful google calendar screenshot with every event and activity for the event scheduled in BST (GMT +1).
I’m here to tell you just that little bit more about everything we’ve got install and give you access to all the signup sheets until more official event/activity threads are posted.
Get hyped.​

Official Rules
It is strongly recommended (compulsory) that you read the following rules very carefully to avoid breaking them. If not there are consequences to be had.

Primary Prerequisites to Participate in Events
  • Must be on MCME Teamspeak if required
  • Must be a registered user on Forums
  • Must have passed the New Player World
Other Requirements
  • If a activity has a signup,...
by Wollip666 at 8:13 AM
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~MCME's Annual* Arda Archery Anarchy~
22nd August 20:00 BST
*probably wont be annual, but let us worry about that. Silly droogs.

Hail, Peasants!

You have all formally been invited to MCME's 1st 'Annual' Arda Archery Anarchy.



With the help of Foxyyy1 and JordD04, I have constructed a brand new insane Archery course just for the event.
You will need the latest Gondor Resource pack for this event.

The aim of the competition is to shoot the target with a bow and arrows. Players will be able to warp to the starting area when directed to by staff. While you explore the starting area, you will encounter signs with the rules and an explanation on how the game will work.

After you have read these signs, a staff member will sort you...
by Tryfor34 at 12:01 AM
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~MCME Presents~
The Great River Race!

August 9th - 5PM EST, 2PM PST, 7AM AEST

The Tale:

Long ago, during the forming of this great land, workers from all races came together to move mountain and forge rivers. Despite being from different lands, these men worked together for the good of all. They followed the orders of their Kings and Queens and sacrificed their lives to create the many wonders of this day. These brave men, though receiving little recognition from their monarchs, pressed on with one goal in mind: the building of the Great River known as the Anduin. This river, once completed, was the longest river of its time. It allowed the ancients to send ships from the Misty mountains to the Great Sea.

This year, during the Two Tree Summer Event, teams will
participate in an obstacle course created to challenge them and show them what fear...